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Website Development

From helping you acquire a domain name to designing, building and hosting your site, That Web Developer GuyTM carefully evaluates your needs in order to offer a custom-tailored suite of services that ensure you end up with a website you can be proud of.

Website Maintenance

Once a website has been built and published, the initial challenge is over. But websites very often require periodic or scheduled updates. That Web Developer Guy can be contracted to handle whatever maintenance routines are needed to keep your site polished.

Copywriting / Editing

Whether you want a seasoned professional to compose all the written content on your website from scratch, or you just need a second set of eyes to review existing copy, That Web Developer Guy can provide a full range of copywriting and editorial services.

Email Campaigns

Depending on the nature of your business or organization, it may be beneficial to grow an electronic mailing list and send out periodic email campaigns to your contacts. That Web Developer Guy can be contracted to handle as much or as little of this processes as you like.

That Web Developer Guy can help you get set up with a Google Site — a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to manage and update site content even if you are not familiar with website coding.

Sample Websites

Strut Your Mutt NJ

When Janine decided it was time to promote her dog walking and pet care business with a clean, responsive design, she called on That Web Developer Guy. From site development to maintenance and hosting, we've got her covered.

(View the live site)

Strut Your Mutt NJ

Simona Stitchworks

Simona was interested in a website to feature and sell her hand-made crochet bags, jewlery and accessories. That Web Developer Guy tackled the job and had Simona up and running with a custom retail site in almost no time at all.

(View the live site)

Simona Stitchworks

Simeone Associates

It's been nearly a decade since Simeone Associates first had That Web Developer Guy put together their website. The site is now vintage in design, but it remains functionally sound and Simeone Associates has decided to keep it running as is.

(View the live site)

Simeone Assocites


Greetings. If you are not especially familiar with web development, the thought of getting a website up and running for yourself or your business can be quite intimidating. There is the domain, and hosting, and of course all of the work and technical expertise that goes into designing, constructing, and then maintaining the site and its content.

This is where That Web Developer Guy can be called on to help out. As a seasoned IT consultant with a commitment to old-school professionalism and customer service, I will attentively listen to your story and then work to ensure that you end up with a clean, utilitarian website that meets your functional requirements and asthetic preferences. From start to finish, the process will be interactive: I will keep you informed of my progress, provide you with opportunities to give feedback on the site as it is being developed, as well as make myself available to answer questions and address any concerns as we move through the project lifecycle.

Once you have given your final OK on the product and it is brought live, That Web Developer Guy remains only a call, text, or email message away if you need something updated. And of course, if you prefer to be able to make updates to your site yourself, that can also be arranged by setting you up with a content management system (CMS).

Are you ready to finally get yourself that website that you have been thinking about for months? Get the process rolling by contacting That Web Developer Guy today.


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